Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do your Homework to Find a Job

Just like in grade school, do your homework!

I've interviewed a lot of people over the years and still astonished about the lack of "homework" done by candidates. It seems like half the people I've interviewed have no idea what the company does, how it earns money, or what actually happens at the facility they are trying to get a job at.

It seems like the only thing they know is the job title, and have never read or understood the requirements of the position.

Especially in a tough economy like right now you need to make it clear that you are serious about the job and know what the employer is looking for. You need to stand out and make your self at the top of the list. A great way you can do this is to research the company, know the divisions, and ask a decent question or two to show that you are on top of things. Ask how the department interacts with other departments (name them specifically) or how they currently accomplish tasks. You can then follow up on these things by showing your expertise and contributing how you would improve the processes if they hired you.

You need to have questions ready when you go in, and there is really no excuse these days since there is so much information on the web. And if you can't find anything about the company you are working for the natural question would be regarding their web presence.

So do your homework and think up a series of questions! You will be remembered for it and it's a great way to show off your enthusiasm and knowledge, even if you just gained that knowledge.

A quick tip from The Jobvertise Team