Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jobvertise makes resetting your password easier

Good news for all jobseekers trying to reset their password.  Instead of sending a computer generated password we simply provide a link for you to type in a password of your choice.
We have been receiving a lot of e-mails regarding new passwords not working. Even though they were valid, some of the characters were difficult to read or caused confusion such as a lower case "l" and the number "1". Also, once users were able to log in they would normally choose to create a password of their choice anyway so that just created an extra step.
So bypassing the auto generated password we have made it easier for people to reset their password and remember it for the next time.
Happy job hunting,
The Jobvertise Team

How to Search Jobs When Your Partner Relocates

If your partner accepts a job in another city, you could be stuck having to search jobs in an area that you know nothing about. It’s a big challenge, but there are steps that can make it easier.

Get all the assistance you can: Reach out to anyone who can help you. See if anyone in your current network has ties to your new destination. Ask them to consider making introductions for you. Talk with your partner’s employer. They may provide you with access to resources like job coaching or even consider you for an internal opening.

Search online: Of course, you can search for jobs anywhere now thanks to the Internet. In addition to employment websites, start reading local publications. You’ll get an idea of the local culture and business trends. Visit your local library. They may have suggestions for more resources, and many offer free printing and other services for job seekers.

Network locally: Look up the local chapter of your professional association. Attend the next meeting and volunteer on a dynamic committee. Invite your new neighbors over for coffee. Connect with other adults through parent groups. Do volunteer work.

Manage your finances: Cut back on eating out and cable TV. Look for contract work or self-employment opportunities. It will bring in some cash and look good on your resume for filling in the gaps.

Don’t go: Unless you’re eager to make a fresh start and see new sights, it may be worth exploring whether you really have to move. Relocation has been declining for years now that executives and others can do much of their work online from anywhere in the world.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Find a Job in Appliance Repair: Training and Salaries

Home appliance repairers or technicians keep refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers and other home devices in working order. Many employers train bright applicants who have have less than a high-school education. Others prefer some training courses from vocational school or community colleges.  Continuing education is almost always needed to keep up with fast-changing technology. Your wages naturally depend on whom you work for, where the job is located and how hard you work.
But how does $37,270 a year, or $17.92 an hour sound? That’s what the average appliance repair technician makes, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of the date of this post. It also shows that the top earners can receive over $58,970 yearly, or $28.35 hourly.

As for who to work for, that depends on whether you want to work right away or hold out for better pay.
  • To find the most jobs, look in electronics and appliance stores. They hire over a third of all 34,510 appliance technicians and pay a mean $34,130 yearly, or $16.41 hourly. Close behind are appliance repair shops, averaging an annual $37,510, or $18.04 per hour.
  • For the biggest bucks, work for natural gas distribution companies. They average $64,770 yearly, or $31.14 hourly. Power companies rank second for wages at a mean $49,840 per year, or $23.96 per hour.
If you want to move to where the jobs are, try sunny Texas, with about 10 percent of the jobs and average salaries at $36,410 per year, or $17.50 an hour. New Jersey has the highest pay at a mean $56,540 per year, or $27.18 per hour.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Protect Your Privacy When You Post Resumes Online

You know that the opportunity to post resumes online may help you capture the attention of your next employer, but you may worry about your privacy. There are people who want to profit from your personal information instead of helping you find a job. Thankfully, a little knowledge and caution can help you stay safe while you’re looking for work.

Read the privacy policy: Check out the privacy policy before you post your resume on any website. It should be easy to find and clearly worded. Print out a copy for yourself.

Find out if you can delete your resume: Sites vary according to how long they keep your resume on file. Some will specify the date when it expires such as six months or one year from the date you publish it. Determine whether the site will let you take down your resume whenever you want. That’s especially important if you’re one of those people who don’t want your resume out there once you settle into a job that you hope will last a long time. Keep records of all the sites you use so you know where to go back to update your status.

Guard your personal information: There’s almost no reason to give anyone your Social Security number until the later stages of the hiring process when you may need to undergo a background check. The main exception is government positions.

Decide how to release your contact information: If you’re concerned about giving out your home street address and phone number, consider the alternatives. You could set up a separate cell phone number, email account and post office box just for your job search. This may also come in handy when you do your taxes and are trying to identify your deductible expenses.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Before You Post Your Resume, Make Sure It's Ship-Shape With These Tips

If you're looking for a job, it's a good idea to find a site where you can post your resume for free. One such site is Jobvertise.

Before you do that, though, take a moment to make sure your resume is in good shape.
A lot of ink gets spilled talking about ways you can add refinement and sophistiation to your resume. Finding ways to make your resume look elegant, professional and modern is a good use of your time, but only if the fundamentals of a great resume are taken care of.

So, let's talk about some of the most vital resume basics. It never hurts to have a refresher.
First, your resume should have absolutely no typos whatsoever. We know that typos happen, but even a small mistake can catch a recruiter's eye and knock you down a peg, perhaps costing you the job. In this economy, that's a risk no one can afford to take.

A good way to ensure that you don't have any typos (besides using spellcheck, of course) is to read your resume from the bottom up. Reading it out-of-order means your mind won't fall into seeing what it wants or expects to see. It's also a good idea to ask a friend to read it over, just in case he or she catches something you don't.

Second, make sure the information on your resume flows in a logical order. A reverse-chronological work history makes sense in many situations, but for some people, it makes more sense to group positions by industry (i.e. "customer service") rather than by the order in which you held them.

Lastly, don't fall into the routine of using the same resume for every single position. A one-size-fits-all resume works in theory, but in practice, it almost always makes sense to tweak a section or two or change a phrase based on the organization to which you're applying.

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