Sunday, October 20, 2013

Find a Job in Appliance Repair: Training and Salaries

Home appliance repairers or technicians keep refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers and other home devices in working order. Many employers train bright applicants who have have less than a high-school education. Others prefer some training courses from vocational school or community colleges.  Continuing education is almost always needed to keep up with fast-changing technology. Your wages naturally depend on whom you work for, where the job is located and how hard you work.
But how does $37,270 a year, or $17.92 an hour sound? That’s what the average appliance repair technician makes, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of the date of this post. It also shows that the top earners can receive over $58,970 yearly, or $28.35 hourly.

As for who to work for, that depends on whether you want to work right away or hold out for better pay.
  • To find the most jobs, look in electronics and appliance stores. They hire over a third of all 34,510 appliance technicians and pay a mean $34,130 yearly, or $16.41 hourly. Close behind are appliance repair shops, averaging an annual $37,510, or $18.04 per hour.
  • For the biggest bucks, work for natural gas distribution companies. They average $64,770 yearly, or $31.14 hourly. Power companies rank second for wages at a mean $49,840 per year, or $23.96 per hour.
If you want to move to where the jobs are, try sunny Texas, with about 10 percent of the jobs and average salaries at $36,410 per year, or $17.50 an hour. New Jersey has the highest pay at a mean $56,540 per year, or $27.18 per hour.

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