Friday, October 11, 2013

Protect Your Privacy When You Post Resumes Online

You know that the opportunity to post resumes online may help you capture the attention of your next employer, but you may worry about your privacy. There are people who want to profit from your personal information instead of helping you find a job. Thankfully, a little knowledge and caution can help you stay safe while you’re looking for work.

Read the privacy policy: Check out the privacy policy before you post your resume on any website. It should be easy to find and clearly worded. Print out a copy for yourself.

Find out if you can delete your resume: Sites vary according to how long they keep your resume on file. Some will specify the date when it expires such as six months or one year from the date you publish it. Determine whether the site will let you take down your resume whenever you want. That’s especially important if you’re one of those people who don’t want your resume out there once you settle into a job that you hope will last a long time. Keep records of all the sites you use so you know where to go back to update your status.

Guard your personal information: There’s almost no reason to give anyone your Social Security number until the later stages of the hiring process when you may need to undergo a background check. The main exception is government positions.

Decide how to release your contact information: If you’re concerned about giving out your home street address and phone number, consider the alternatives. You could set up a separate cell phone number, email account and post office box just for your job search. This may also come in handy when you do your taxes and are trying to identify your deductible expenses.

Jobvertise is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of our users. Contact us to learn more.

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