Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to Search Jobs When Your Partner Relocates

If your partner accepts a job in another city, you could be stuck having to search jobs in an area that you know nothing about. It’s a big challenge, but there are steps that can make it easier.

Get all the assistance you can: Reach out to anyone who can help you. See if anyone in your current network has ties to your new destination. Ask them to consider making introductions for you. Talk with your partner’s employer. They may provide you with access to resources like job coaching or even consider you for an internal opening.

Search online: Of course, you can search for jobs anywhere now thanks to the Internet. In addition to employment websites, start reading local publications. You’ll get an idea of the local culture and business trends. Visit your local library. They may have suggestions for more resources, and many offer free printing and other services for job seekers.

Network locally: Look up the local chapter of your professional association. Attend the next meeting and volunteer on a dynamic committee. Invite your new neighbors over for coffee. Connect with other adults through parent groups. Do volunteer work.

Manage your finances: Cut back on eating out and cable TV. Look for contract work or self-employment opportunities. It will bring in some cash and look good on your resume for filling in the gaps.

Don’t go: Unless you’re eager to make a fresh start and see new sights, it may be worth exploring whether you really have to move. Relocation has been declining for years now that executives and others can do much of their work online from anywhere in the world.

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