Friday, October 15, 2010

Featured Resume helps you Find a Job

As you probably know by now posting your resume on Jobvertise is incredibly easy and free. This puts your resume in our database which is available to 100,000's of requiters and employers.

However we do offer an add on service for a nominal fee which gives your resume much more visibility in the search results. Featured resumes keep your listing higher up in the search order in the special featured section. This means on relevant searches employers will see it on the top of the first page, instead of it dropping down in the search order buried in the results. Also, featured resumes are listed in bold to make them stand out in the search results.

Listing you resume on Jobvertise completely free is a great option. But if you need that extra edge Ffeatured resumes are only $9.95 for one month or $19.95 for 3 months. Feature your resume today!

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