Sunday, December 15, 2013

3 Uncommon Job Hunting Tips For a Competitive Edge

Even though the economy has just started to slightly improve, the job market is still a competitive arena. Most job hunters understand the importance of proper grammar, reliable references, and the importance of relevant job experiences. However, many people have used these tips to improve their resumes and job hunting skills. These resume honing tips are overused and oversaturated. When you are trying to find a job, there are some uncommon job hunting tips that you can utilize to give yourself a competitive edge, regardless of the job industry.

Use Action Words in Your Resume

Make sure to use strong nouns and verbs in your resume. Many employers will insert resumes into a database. To find potential employees who showcase relevant job skills, they will insert a keyword into the database, allowing them to filter through large numbers of resumes. Recruiting managers are looking for educational progress, company names, trade organizations, names of processes, and hard skills.

To find out what type of keyword – or job skill – that the employer might be looking for, make sure to look at the description in the job posting with a critical eye. Incorporate the verbs and nouns in the job description into your resume. For example, if the description calls for someone who is an expert in "accounting depreciation", then make sure to incorporate these words into your resume.

Showcase Your Loyalty through Social Media

Become the company's greatest fan. A brand loyalists may not be a shortcut to getting hired, but it will show that you are devoted and ardent when it comes to the company's services. Using services like Twitter and other media sites as a platform for thoughtful inquiries will show that you are a loyalist. Being an active participant in an established forum where you can constantly communicate your loyalty to the brand will also notify them of your presence. Companies want employees that are enthusiastic and passionate about the organization's message. A passionate consumer can sometimes translate to a passionate employee.

Emotional Intelligence As a Competitive Interviewing Skill

The battle is only halfway done once you land an interview with the employer. A resume will showcase your expertise, hard skills, leadership, and qualitative and quantitative skills. But charisma, personality, and passion can only be interpreted through a one on one interview. Employers are looking for individuals who have a degree of emotional intelligence. They have to be quick thinkers, problem solvers and have a sense of perspective. During the interview make sure to have a healthy amount of eye contact and do not be afraid to show your personality – in a professional manner, of course. Think of your resume and hard skills as the contents of a present. A strong sense of confidence and self is the final wrapping.

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