Sunday, May 4, 2014

Searching for the Right Temp Agency

Looking for accountants? There's an agency for that.  Looking for IT work?  There's an agency for that.  There's an agency for every line of work.  With so many to choose from how do you know which one is going work for you?  Job seekers must find the right agency.  Search for a temporary agency with the following in mind.
  • There are three main types of staffing agencies: temporary/contract, temp-to-hire/temp-to-perm and direct hire/permanent.  Choose one of these types and look for agencies that offer it. 
  • What kind of work opportunities interests you?  There is clerical/office, technical/scientific, industrial, health care, managerial and professional (accountants, law staff and advertising/marketing).  You will have to choose one or two you're most interested in.  Find agencies that carry those industries.
  • Where do you want to work? Location matters.  Choose an agency in your area.  If you are planning to more to another area, choose an agency in the new location. 
By now, the agencies are down to a handful (maybe more).  Evaluate your skills.  What do you possess in education, work history and through life? Be specific and write them down. Write down personality, interests, certifications, tests taken, and values.  Research those staffing firms online.  Talk to them over the phone.  Meet them in person.  Pay attention to how you feel during the process.  Inform them of the ideal work schedule and the type of work you're after.  Ask about their payment rates, benefits, experience in the industry, how they charge and testing for the right job fit. Narrow down the field some more.  If you feel good about the firm, apply there.  Apply to more than one in case the agency ends up not working out.  See how it goes.

Patience is a virtue with staffing agencies.  It's going to take time to find work that suits your needs.  Check in with staffing agencies weekly and ask about the job hunt.  Let them know about your interest in working, then give them space until the next week.  If nothing is happening for a long time it's time to cut them loose.  Focus on the agencies that are working hard to find employment for you.
The reason why many people don't use a temporary agency is that it's not a match.  Those bad experiences drive people away, and make people think all agencies are just like that one.  It shouldn't.  The truth is there's not enough effort placed in finding good employment agencies.  Working in a staffing agency is a hidden gem that takes research, trial and error.  If we have the energy to hunt for work, we can put the same energy in finding a good employment agency.

Your employment is valuable; it's going to be the job that pays the bills, buys food and takes care of you.  Search for job agencies like you would search for a realtor, plumber or electrician.  Contact us for more information.

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