Friday, June 20, 2014

Network with Other Job Seekers While You Search Jobs Free

The ability to search jobs free online is a great asset, but you may be neglecting an important part of your network if you’re not connecting with other job seekers. Look at all the ways you can support each other so that everyone can find a better quality job in less time.

Informational support. You may have already experienced the trend towards interviewing people in groups or scheduling them so closely that you bump into each other in the waiting room. Turn the potential awkwardness to your advantage by introducing yourself. If people seem open, chat about your backgrounds. Volunteer to keep an eye out for the kind of positions they are searching for and exchange contact information.While you’re searching online, take note of other positions you come across. They may be just the thing that someone else is looking for even if they are not a match for you.

Emotional support. It can be difficult for family and friends to understand the psychological toll of unemployment. They might not understand how you spend your time, especially if they have held the same job for years. Share your compassion with someone going through the same struggle as you.

Social support. You are bound to make a better impression and get more job offers if you appear upbeat. Make new friends who have free time during office hours and would appreciate some no cost fun.
If you are nervous about attending networking events alone, use the buddy system. You can shore up each other’s confidence and use your time more productively. You look more approachable when you are already engaging in conversation. You will also have someone to critique the event with afterwards.
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