Friday, July 11, 2014

Work Opportunities: 5 Reasons Why Grads Should Consider Trucking Freight

Grads planning to take a year off before resuming their studies may want to skip the expensive vacations. This year, there are much better work opportunities available. The ones we are thinking about have to do with trucking freight. Here’s a look at five reasons why students in flux should consider them:

Get Paid to Travel
Unlike those post-graduation vacations we mentioned earlier, trucking freight allows former students to see the states and earn college money in the process. Depending on the freight and the companies involved, there may also be jobs that will keep them traveling across country lines and experiencing other cultures.

Explore New Cuisines
Of course a part of that travel experience will involve sampling new cuisines. And that could spur the start of a love affair with new foods and the culinary industry as a whole. Freight drivers could even turn their roadside dining experiences into a supplemental revenue stream by blogging or videotaping their experiences.

Make New Connections
Furthermore, while trucking freight, students on break may also make valuable, new connections. For example, they could meet and develop relationships with retail CEOs, warehouse managers, start-up wizards, truck mechanics, restaurateurs and others that could help them in later years.

Learn a Lifelong Skill
Regardless of those potential connections, learning to truck freight is also a skill that will last students a lifetime. And given how vibrant the industry is right now, we doubt that staying gainfully employed in the long run will be a problem for those that choose to seize the available opportunities. In addition, having familiarity with big rigs and other freight trucks will undoubtedly look good on a person’s resume too.

Dress Casual Everyday
Lastly, trucking freight allows students to embrace a casual way of dressing on the job. Why? Many companies allow their drivers to wear trucking t-shirts under their uniform shirts and truckers’ caps. Both can be worn off-road thereby saving students’ money and expanding their wardrobe as well. To learn more about work opportunities available in the freight industry, please contact us at Jobvertise today.

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