Saturday, May 22, 2010

Better search results by reducing spam

When it comes to spamming our database we take this issue very seriously. Spam reduces the overall experience for everyone so we have come up with a proprietary solution to take care of this spam problem.

The idea is that this will increase the job quality on our site, saving you time and headaches paring down irrelevant and numerous postings. A lot of web sites that offer free services eventually have spamming problems, and although this is probably an ongoing battle we feel our job database as improved tremendously.

If you have any questions/comments please respond to this post or send us feedback through our Jobvertise contact form

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  1. Our company regularly posts jobs on to solicit resumes and applications for open positions around the country. On each job posting, we direct applicants to send resumes to a company e-mail address or go to our Web site to apply; however, we noticed that applicants are able to upload their resumes directly to Jobvertise by clicking the "Click Here to Apply Online" link on the actual job posting. How does the Employer obtain resumes uploaded to Jobvertise in response to the job posting? Is an e-mail notification sent to the Employer? Please advise ASAP on how to access resumes uploaded to a Jobvertise job posting. Please contact me at dgalindo (at) gmail (dot) com.