Thursday, July 11, 2013

Work Opportunities? Good News...Yes, They Exist!

NPR reported recently that work opportunities are becoming more plentiful and that job seekers had cause for optimism. The challenge remains in finding the positions and qualifying as a candidate. What are recommendations from industry leaders?

Know your market- what would you be looking for in an employee in your preferred field? Place yourself in the position of a potential employer by researching the company, the community, and even the management. You may need to brush up on certifications or fine-tune your 'pitch' to meet the needs of the organization for which you want to work. Do your homework and apprise yourself of any company-specific information in advance; do not waste your time or that of the organization by applying for positions that you are not qualified for. 
Know your skill set- be confident in your abilities and don't be afraid to list all interests and skills in the process of building your resume. You never know when a potential employer may have the same interests or may not need an appreciation for opera to be a sheet metal worker or vet tech, but if your appreciation of Les Miserables strikes a chord with HR then it could be the difference between 'hired' and 'still searching'.

Know your limits- be prepared to state your salary requirements, benefit preferences, willingness for relocation, etc. as these can influence the decision of the potential employer. Specific family or personal needs should be stated in advance to avoid conflict in the hiring process. Many companies are 'family friendly' and will be willing to develop (or may already have) a telecommuting program, a shared work week plan, or a combination schedule to meet the needs of both yourself and their organization.

How can you reach quality organizations who are ready to hire? Many are finding that a job and resume database is the best way to reach both the regional and international market. Jobvertise can offer:
  • Instant Networking - Send your resume directly to employers and recruiters
  • Targeted Distribution - Choose your job categories and locations and we'll automatically find the best employer matches
  • Cost-effective - You save hundreds of dollars in postage alone
  • Time-effective - We've done the research and have already made the connections to employers and recruiters
  • Fast Results - Your resume distribution can be processed in a matter of minutes
  • Massive Database - Our 200,000+ member database allows us to target your resume to get the best results
  • Jobvertise Quality - We've been in the business over 10 years and have a proven record of quality and service.
  • Guaranteed - No hassle, unconditional 100% money back guarantee
When you are ready to place your resume with a site that can produce results, contact us and energize your job search

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