Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Search for Jobs: Should You Take Time Off After College or a Job Termination?

After college graduation or being laid off from a job, you may feel a sense of entitlement to search jobs so a stigma doesn't develop of being lazy. Is it right, though, to take a little time off before you start a job search? After the stress of being let go from a job or long years of college life, some time to reflect might be both a blessing and a detriment to job searching. If you do decide to take a breather, you have to develop some sense of preparation.

How Long Should Your Job Search Break Be?

It's easy to get complacent when you're enjoying the peaceful existence of time away from the pressure of looking for employment. That's especially true if you're out of college and have the financial support of your parents, or if you have money to fall back on after a job termination. This really shouldn't go on past a few weeks, however, because it can potentially put you behind in developing the proper connections.
That's why it's important to network with people in the industry you're interested in while on your break. Let them know that you're taking a quick hiatus, but you're interested in something specific if there's any opportunities available in the immediate term.

Know What It Is You Want While on Your Break

Avoid the mistake of not knowing what you'll look for once you start job searching. You can still think about career options on your break without having to be directly involved with active searching. In fact, going on a quick vacation in a serene place can help you reflect about what career direction you'll go in once you return to civilization.  
Having this in mind is especially important when doing the above networking so specific career development can be brewing while you're resting.

Spruce Up Your Resume Before the Break Occurs

Having your resume ready to go is essential before you head off on a three-week vacation. You don't want to get a call for a job and then have to scramble to put together a revised resume at the last second. This should really be your first step the minute you receive a job termination or receive your college diploma. And remember to allow a couple of weeks if you decide to have someone create a professional resume for you.  

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