Thursday, August 1, 2013

Post Your Resume For Free

With unemployment at 7.6% in the United States as of the end of June, roughly 11.8 million people are without jobs, and many people who are working are searching for better jobs.  If you are looking for work, you are not alone. Finding a job can be difficult, and with much of the job search now being about submitting resumes and applications online, it is important for job seekers to understand the online application process.

Of the 11.8 million people without jobs, 4.3 million, or just over one-third, have been jobless for at least six months. If you are one of these long-term unemployed people, it can get discouraging. It can begin to feel like there are no jobs out there for you and like you will always be without work. Do not get discouraged, though.

When working towards getting a job, a professional resume is essential. There is no one perfect way to create a resume. Each place you apply might focus on different things when it comes to a resume, but there a few things which are important to remember.

First, make sure your resume includes good grammar and proper spelling. It is always a good thing to read it over several times and not to just depend upon your spell checker to correct any errors you might have made. It might also be helpful to have someone else read it over to make sure it flows well. A professional sounding email address can also help you to get the job. Remember your resume is meant to highlight your qualifications.

If you have worked in a variety of places, do not try to include every job you’ve ever had. Focus instead on the ones which fit best with the job you want. For some people, particularly new college graduates, it is important to include and focus upon their academic achievements as we ll on their resumes.

Once you have created a resume, there are many opportunities to apply for jobs and post your resume for free. Through, you can look at jobs, post your resume, submit a cover letter, and apply for work. You also have the option of submitting your work to other job web sites. If you are interested in finding the right job for you, contact us.

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