Saturday, August 31, 2013

Showing Passion for a Job Will Go a Long Way in Being Hired

The attempts to find a job in a shaky economy can easily be a frustrating process that might reflect in the way you approach looking for employment. Employers can usually scope out in interviews whether a person is really interested in working for the company or just there because they have no choice. And even if that's true for you while looking for a job, what should you do to make looking for a job less of a laborious process and more seeking out something that inspires you?

Gearing Your Resume Toward What You Really Want

You many need to get a job as quickly as possible under certain circumstances. This doesn't mean you shouldn't fix your resume to hone in on skills that are specific to a company. Listing every skill you've ever acquired can hide many of the individual skills that could be used in one particular place you have in mind.

Play up the skills that truly matter and show how you were able to use those skills to do something successful in your previous jobs. Doing this shows real interest in the job you applied for and not just the next one on your checklist.

Show Your Commitment to the Company

All companies want to hire people that will work for the company and not have a self-centered attitude. The purpose of hiring is to hire employees that help solve specific company problems and nothing more. It should never be all about you and always about showing passion toward solving the company problems.

This attitude will easily be discernable in an interview. It helps even more if you cite specific skills that could help the company be more proficient or become more profitable with your abilities.

The Same Attitude Applies to Lesser Jobs

Even if you find closed doors to the jobs you really want, gearing up your application, resume and interview in a way that shows purpose will always help. Employers are sometimes astute to body language and can tell if you're truly interested in the job or applying only because you have to. If it's a survival job, do some online research on what the skills are and promote the skills you've acquired that could connect. During the interview, show how knowledgeable you are about the job so you won't look like a complete neophyte who needs entry-level training.

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