Thursday, August 8, 2013

Is it Alright to Apply for job listings You're Not Qualified For?

You spot an ad in the paper you're interested in.  You know the extent of your expertise, and you also know that you don't meet every qualification.  You really want to work there, and you feel that you can handle the other aspects of the listing where you don't fit.  The question is: do you apply anyway?  Is it alright to apply for job listings when you're under-qualified?

On one hand applying feels like a waste of time.  On the other hand you may score an interview to prove yourself.  Whatever choice you decide to make, be honest at the beginning.  Be honest in not applying and hope that another job comes your way or apply and state that you don't meet the qualifications in your cover letter.

If you do decide to go for it, honesty is a great trait to have.  It matters a lot in business, since many applicants that get hired in place of you may have lied or exaggerated their skills on their resume/application to get the job.  And that honesty can lead to another job in the same company.  Follow up on your application, make a good impression and make sure they consider you for other openings.  A position can open up with your name on it.  You might get hired for that job instead of your original one just because you were honest and forthright in your cover letter.

Another reason to apply for under-qualifeid jobs is because you can score an interview.  As stated earlier, an interview is the only way to prove you worthy ahead of other candidates.  Depending on what your cover letter says, hiring managers will see your cover letter as honest, energy, passionate, serious about learning and serious about your career.  Prove your smarts and skills with the interview and the job could be yours.

There’s nothing wrong with applying for a job that you’re under-qualified.  The worst thing you can hear is ‘no.’ Although if you don’t want to apply, you won’t have to hear no.  You can wait until you hear ‘yes’ with another job.  Contact us for more information on applying for job listings.

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