Friday, November 29, 2013

5 Steps to Improve Your Video Interview Skills When You Search Jobs Free

When you search jobs free online, your next employer could be anywhere in the world so you should be prepared for a video interview. Screening through Skype and similar services is growing in popularity largely because of the cost savings compared to long distance travel. In fact, 66.7% of human resource professionals say they very often use video interviews according to a survey by the temporary agency Office Team.

At the same time, meeting through the computer rather than face to face can create technological barriers and make it more difficult to establish rapport. These are 5 suggestions that will help you make a better digital impression:

Stage your area: Create a flattering backdrop with rich wood tone surfaces and natural light. Desk lamps are fine if it is dark in your time zone or you are in a room with no windows.

Dress for the camera: Choose solids rather than prints. Avoid stark whites because they cause too much glare. Even if you do not usually wear makeup, at least dust your face with powder to eliminate shine.

Make eye contact: Your eyes must be aimed at the webcam to give the impression of making eye contact. While it is natural to look at the image of your interviewer on your computer, that will come across as though you are staring at the floor.

Be more expressive: You may need to exaggerate a little to cross the digital divide. Gesture with your hands. Smile broadly. Vary your tone of voice.

Rehearse thoroughly: Practice with a friend to see how you really look on a webcam. Make any necessary adjustment before your actual interview.

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