Friday, August 22, 2014

Find a Job: How to Handle Interview Questions about your Failures

When you want to find a job, you go out on interviews to talk about your triumphs in the workplace, but interviewers often ask about your failures too. Being able to ace the tough questions increases your chances of getting a job offer. Try these suggestions for talking about the times you messed up.

Frame your story as a learning experience: Most of all, you want to convey that your past mistakes have contributed to your education so that you are going to perform better in the future. After you describe how things went wrong, give your tale a happy ending. Explain how you took steps to satisfy the disappointed customer or signed up for a course to become better at budgeting. You want
to pick an event that shows how much you’ve grown

Demonstrate your accountability: Avoid blaming other people for your mishaps. Employers want to see that you possess integrity and maturity. Stick to talking about the things you could have done better instead of commenting on your supervisor’s abilities.

Accentuate the positive: There is always an upside to any situation even if you missed a deadline or went over your budget. Employers ask these questions in part because they want to assess your self-awareness and tolerance for risk.

Aim for moderation: This is one of those rare times in an interview when you don’t want to stand out too much. The last thing you want is for the interviewer to be going around telling people that you’ll never believe what that guy did. It’s also good to make a clear distinction between yourself and your actions. Refer to conduct that was a temporary lapse or a habit that you’ve turned around instead of triggering concerns about a chronic weakness.

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