Friday, August 29, 2014

Find a job that's right for you!

The days of mandatory 40 hours+ in an office cubicle are waning. Many companies recognize the benefit that offering remote work to their employees can give their business, including increased productivity and decreased overhead cost. With telecommuting making more sense in the new business climate, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a job with a company that offers remote positions… right? Surprisingly, it is more difficult than you might think! We can help you uncover these job gems. Here are 4 companies that allow their employees to work remotely (read work in your pajama pants and slippers):

MySQL is an open source database software company that produces scalable database applications. They service online giants such as LinkedIn and Facebook.   This customer-focused company stays ahead of the game to service their high-end customers.

Automattic is fully remote organization that has taken blogging technology to another level.   They aim to redesign the way you thin about the Internet and what it offers. With a 160 employees working form locations across the globe, this company definitely illustrates how remote employment can be successful.

StackExchange is a network of 110 question and answer sites. They build knowledge bases with the answers for future reference as well.   Their employees work remotely and that is largely due to the company’s thought that people shouldn’t have to move to work.

Universal Mind
Universal Mind offers technological strategy to businesses. Getting to the heart of customer needs is their goal.

These are just a few of the companies out there hiring employees to work from home. The practice is becoming more and more prevalent.   It can be difficult to uncover these opportunities but they are available. Keep searching for the perfect fit!

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