Friday, January 24, 2014

4 Good Reasons to List Online Courses When You Post Your Resume Free

When you post your resume for free, you want to include everything that may catch the eye of a potential employer. Today, that may include online courses. Perceptions are rapidly changing about the value of MOOCs (massive open online courses) and similar offerings.

Naturally, a degree that is received on campus still carries more credibility than one that was pursued entirely through the internet. However, online courses are becoming more highly regarded as a form of continuing adult education. In fact, as a growing number of companies launch their own educational and training initiatives online, they tend to adopt a more positive outlook on the whole issue.

If you’re in the market for a new job, these are 4 advantages and opportunities for highlighting online courses in your resume and social media profiles:

Enhance your keywords. Keywords are critical to getting spotted in an online search. Your resume may rise to the top if the course titles correspond with the position you’re seeking. It’s also beneficial if the classes were associated with a prestigious university or other institution.

Express your motivation. Initiative is a valuable quality for most positions. Many employers will take a favorable view of the fact that you use your leisure time to advance your knowledge and skills.

Demonstrate perseverance. Online courses have an extremely high dropout rate. A savvy human resources professional will note that any candidate who completes a course is probably above average in their abilities to manage their time and work toward goals.

Focus on your portfolio. While educational requirements are highly significant, the main criteria for many employers is your track record and potential for making a contribution quickly. Make sure you also give adequate time to presenting samples of your work.

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