Saturday, January 4, 2014

How Employee Benefits Factor Into Finding a Job

Times may be tough out there, but that's not stopping employees from finding a job with benefits.  Benefits are one of the main reasons why employees jump at the chance to fight for the coveted job. 

Over seventy-five percent of employees, according to the Health and Voluntary Workplace Benefits Survey, feel that benefits are very or extremely important in deciding where to apply.  While it isn't the only thing that matters (salary/hourly rate is the other) it is something worth learning more about before you find a job.

Companies know employees care about benefits packages, so it's no surprise that companies mention it on their job listings.  When companies have good benefits employees can use more people will apply.  In return it makes filling the job position easier.  In fact if employees have more than one job offer on the table the winner is the one with the better benefits package.  You may not have a choice with the provider.  However, you can enjoy the low cost and the convenience these benefits provide.

It's important for candidates to look at these benefits closely as not all workplace benefits are equal.  Each company offers their own set of benefits and offer a certain time in the company before you can get those benefits.  Part-time work unusually doesn’t get health insurance; full time work either gets their benefits immediately or after a year with the company.  Know what these benefits are before accepting any job offer.  If you're selected for an interview the hiring manager will talk more about these benefits.  This is your opportunity to ask questions about anything you don't understand pertaining to it. 

Are company benefits important to you?  There may come a time where you may have to use these benefits.  It provides incentive (discounts, raise, 401K, pension, etc), covers sudden situations (health, dental, vision, life insurance, etc), and assist with lifestyle changes (maternity leave, tuition reimbursement, etc).  Good benefits mean employees will remain loyal to the job for a long time.  After all when you choose the job you also accept the benefits that come with it.  Contact us for more information on job hunting.

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