Friday, January 10, 2014

Post Your Resume Free and Come Out on Top at a Last Minute Interview

When you post your resume free, you never know how quickly you may hear about your dream job so be prepared for a last minute interview. These strategies will help you make a strong impression on short notice.

While you can use a last minute interview to your advantage, it’s usually worthwhile to check if there’s any possibility of rescheduling. Additional time for research and rehearsal will enable you to put together a more thorough presentation. If travel schedules or hiring deadlines make it now or never, put on a positive attitude and make the most of every minute available with these pointers:

Ask for help: You’re in an ideal position to ask the hiring manager for any materials or information that can bring you up to speed quickly. Get a copy of the written job description. See if there’s anyone you can speak with in advance of your interview.

Prioritize: You probably can’t cover everything about the company so pick out the most critical areas. Focus on the department you would be joining. Analyze the most urgent challenges that they’re facing and think in terms of the unique contribution you could make in that context.

Take the shortest route: Reduce stress and distractions by simplifying your logistics. Flying business class or having a friend drive you to the destination could give you extra time to prepare.

Always be ready: Keep all your job hunting supplies within easy reach. Have a list of accomplishments memorized that you can customize for any opportunity. Let there always be a freshly pressed business suit in your closet that you can grab in a hurry. Store polished shoes and matching accessories nearby.

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